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Thread: Evohome - poor temperature regulation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digizz View Post
    So after reading through this long thread, would everyone recommend EvoHome s a new system?
    We would recommend it. I installed it in late December 2014, initially to a Combi-boiler and 4 radiators. We later expanded it to all 9 radiators.

    Our gas bill for the first quarter of 2014 was 215. The first quarter of 2015 was down to 175. Crucially however we were occasionally cold in 2014 but didn't bother to adjust the heating for whatever reason - maybe it was only needed in one room, the old controller was also quite complicated. This year however, we've had heat wherever we've needed, when we need it. We've been toasty warm and actually used less gas. I suppose we could have been more aggressive with the temperatures and saved more money, but we're comfortable now. It's great having a hot bathroom for a shower, then let it cool down, meantime the dining room is warming up for breakfast. As the boiler is only heating a few radiators at a time, the rooms that require it seem to heat up much more quickly.

    Another benefit has been the iPhone App, although that is also available with simpler systems such as Tado and Hive. Being able to turn the heating on whilst on the way home is brilliant. The apartment is warm for us walking in the door, but we haven't wasted gas heating an empty home. Our apartment is a somewhat complicated shape and before installing, I bought a handful of cheap thermometers and monitored the temperature in various rooms. The logical place for a central thermostat was the hallway, but this was actually the quickest to heat up and hence would have shut down the heating once it reached the setpoint. The master bedroom is the slowest to heat up and would have benefitted from having the main thermostat there. The problem with that is it at the other end of the apartment and it would quickly become annoying to adjust. I suppose a smartphone app might have overcome it. There wasn't a simple solution and so the best solution was to have zoning control.

    The Evohome system is expensive, but it will save you money. Crucially though it brings a lot more control. Central heating that is centrally managed.

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    I concur with Bazinga. Yes I recommend the system. If it saves me money as well then that is a bonus. Indeed from current consumption levels it does seem they have gone down. But it more than about saving money. It is about having a better balanced comfort and heat when and where you need it.

    I am sure I have said this before but it does seem where one or two have problems, apart from the odd failed device, these problems are peculiar to their installation or indeed possibly incorrect installation.

    I recommend it. Plus shorty I may even be able to operate my heating from my watch Honeywell having in the USA updated the app ready for the Apple Watch!

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