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Thread: Basic control theory

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    Quote Originally Posted by The EVOHOME Shop View Post
    Heating system design in the UK requires a boiler flow temperature of 75 degress Celsius at an outdoor temperature -3 degrees Celsius for a radiator circuit. Weather compensated systems will modulate the flow temperature down from this point but even on weather compensated systems they will still opereate at 75 degrees at -3...
    Thanks. My problem is I have no way of knowing what the boiler flow temperature is. The adjusting knob has no markings on it other than an expanding arrow from off to maximum.

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    Let's try and not go off-topic too much. But you can attach temp sensors to the piping to find out (kind of). PS: it all depends on the insulation of your house of course. If your system is easily able to heat the entire home, there's no reason to raise the flow temperature. With lower flow temps, there's more condensing (if you have a condensing boiler), and higher efficiency.
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