Today I used my IFTTT trigger to activate the Economy Quick Action. I got the message to say that I had exited the area (as it is a geofence action). My app at the top says Economy Active - all good. All 6 zones show the Economy symbol.


Only 3 zones have Economy actually applied- bathroom, bed 1 & bed 2

Living Room Actual 18c, Schedule (on the app) 16c, Summary (on front of app next to symbol) 16c
Hall Actual 17.5c, Schedule 16c, Summary 16c
Kitchen Actual 18c, Schedule 16c, Summary 16c
Bathroom Actual 16.5c, Schedule 17c, Summary 14c
Bedroom 1 Actual 18.5c, Schedule 17c, Summary 14c
Bedroom 2 Actual 17c, Schedule 18c, Summary 15c

None have a switchpoint before 3pm (and opt is set to 1 hour).

Any thoughts?