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Thread: 2 NTL boxes, one line

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    Default 2 NTL boxes, one line

    HEllo all,

    I have two NTL cable box connected to one line through a splitter. But having problems getting all the channels, i believe its due to loss of signal due to the splitter. Is there a solution to this issue. any help appreciated.

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    The problem is the amount of signal coming from the cable tv network.

    The two way splitter will actually reduce the signal by half (3dB - don't ask, its weird maths) which is probably why you are having problems.

    Does NTL know you have two boxes connected? If yes, just call them to get it sorted.

    If no, the solution will need a bit of work / research. The problem is that the cable tv system passes signals in both directions, up and down the cable. If these get blocked then some of the functions on you cable boxes will stop working over time.

    You need to find a cable tv amplifier that offers a return path, propably up to 65mhz. This will maintian the return path communications whilst boosting the signal level to set top boxes.

    Hope that helps

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