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Thread: Evohome and Loop

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    Default Evohome and Loop

    Just had an email from Loop (see below) saying that they are working with Honeywell. I have the Loop which is an energy monitoring system - it monitors both electricity and gas. The app then shows your usage across the day and shows how much you have spent once you put your tarriff in. It is also linked to comparison websites to show you suggested savings by switching

    As you know from Loop, heating your home is a big chunk of your energy bill.

    To help, we've been trialing the Evohome smart zoning thermostat from Honeywell that controls the temperature of each room individually. It keeps you warm where you need it, but doesn't waste money by heating rooms that you're not using.

    The guys at Honeywell love how Loop and Evohome work together to help you to reduce your gas bills. As a result, they're offering Loop users a free Radiator Zoning Kit worth 60 when you buy their starter kit.

    Find out more about Evohome here and the special offer here

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    I have a dual fuel loop at home and it generates fantastic detailed insight and energy saving tips
    after a month it also suggests what tariff to switch to

    brilliant use of tech
    I work for Resideo, posts are personal and my own views.

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