Having moved to LED bulbs in my lamps, I am looking for a silent method of switching these via my existing automation system. I have HomeVision (yes old school!) and Comfort. 20+ lighting circuits are separately wired to relays in the loft but all lamps were on X10 modules

Had been using X10 lamp modules prior to bulb change and as I don't like the clunk of the X10 appliance modules looking for a better way. I have been trying to convert the X10 lamp modules to use Solid State Relays, which has only been part successful (some work and some donít; only getting 2.5 volts from the lamp module to switch the SSR which really need 3v so some work and some don't!

Finally giving up on this.....unless anyone has managed to convert UK lamp modules to silent SSR's? - I am looking if there are any z-wave modules or other suggestions than have a silent switch for lamps or at the very least very quiet relays?! Ė I am not bothered about dimming just want on or off with no minimum load requirements.

Any ideas?