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Thread: tm12u quick question

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    Default tm12u quick question

    hi all,
    just purchased a tm12u but can get it to work ,is the button on front meant to override operation ie turn applience on/off.
    any help apreciated

    cheers fronty :?:

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    Default Re: tm12u quick question

    The TM12U is the earlier version of the TM13U. The radio frequency could be either 433MHz or 418MHz. There should be a small round sticker on the back of the unit with the RF frequency printed on it. Make sure the frequency matches with your X-10 RF transmitter.

    The round button on the front of the unit is a toggle switch for the built-in appliance module (fixed at address unit 1). Pressing it would toggle the state of the appliance module between on and off.
    Kwong Li
    Laser Business Systems Ltd.

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