Hi all,

First off I'd like to point out that I'm a total control freak so I need to know how, what, where and why for everything. I tend to have detailed plans for everything that needs to be done so as you would expect I've been figuring out how many modules I'm going to need and how many CU housing I'll need to put it all in. I have to admit, I didn't think much of the final figure while i was doing the working out but it came to around 3 QRHs (All power sockets), 20 QRIs (Mix of lights, and circuits requiring a on/off type of control) and 10 QLDs (All lights).

The way I've designed the layout has them all requiring 14 22 way MK consumer unit enclosures which did bring about a WTF! kind of response from my builder. The following is some of the reasoning i had in my head when i was doing the design:

  • Each enclosure is to have a master switch to power it down.
  • Multiple enclosures will be fed by outputs from the main CU in groups which would allow 1/2 of the lights to remain operational in the event of a main MCB tripping out.
  • Each lighting circuit is to have a 3A MCB between the load and the Idratek module (housed in the CU) so I don't have to mess about wit the little 4A fuses in the module and I can power each circuit off individually if required.
  • Each QLD output is limited to 4 LED bulbs (Philips 5W Master) each (3A MCB in CU on load side).
  • All QRH feeds to have a 13A MCB between Idratek module and load (housed in the CU).
  • Using QRIs to control power to the radiator valves, curtain switches, window openers, etc

So now I'm wondering if I got a little too carried away and if there are more economical ways in order to do this. So please feel free to let me know your thoughts