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Having said that, I agree that the app is by far the weakest part of the Evohome system.
I was recently reminded of how poor the app is, and the customisation of the Control Panel, when away from home. I have a conservatory with an HR92 on the radiator and normally leave this scheduled to be at 5c. The only Quick Action menu item I can use when going away is the all off one, unless I reconfigure the custom one. Without thinking I left home setting the away from home menu to 10c. That overrode the conservatory HR92 set to 5c so that the heating came on in the conservatory! It is Winter and temperatures have been around 0c. Fortunately I spotted this in the app a few hours later.

I could set the custom menu to set all zones except the conservatory to 10c and next time probably will, but there ought to be more than one custom menu, the “fixed” quick actions should be more flexible so that zones can be isolated or have different settings and we ought to be able to edit all these in the app as well as using the Panel.

A big nuisance is my domestic water control. Using a quick action still leaves the boiler firing up to heat the hot water when away. All off, as said, leaves my conservatory heating up in the winter. I have to use the app to separately override the hot water system to ensure it is also off.

It is 2017, there ought to be far more flexibility in the Control Panel and the app. I can turn lights on and off remotely at all sorts of times, change their colours, switch individual devices on but whilst Evohome is a great system, Honeywell have given us only some basic control of it. It’s appearance, as I have moaned about before, is also pretty basic. Come on Honeywell, we are domestic users, not industrial users.