I'm Philip Steele and I run a smart home platform called nCube. We're a startup creating a solution to connect and control a range of things including LIFX, Philips Hue, Nest, Netatmo, Sonos and z-wave devices (light controls, plug-in controls, motion sensors) - in other words spanning entertainment, lighting/mood, heating, etc. A less technical version of other solutions that are around.

We are looking for people who already have at least three of the different products mentioned above and are willing to provide regular feedback on how well nCube works for two to three months. We'll provide the nCube hub for free and expect beta users to complete the odd survey, have the occasional call and I've us lots of feedback on what you like and don't like and would expect.

There is a limit to the number of trial users we want, so we're planning to select trial applications based on the range of products anyone has and is willing to test with.

If you’re interested, please reply via email directly to me, philip.steele@ncubehome.com (include your social media identities too) and tell us why you want to trial nCube, what compatible products you have or hope to get in the very near future and explain in 50 words your own ideas for the Smart Home.



@rewllen (personal)
07885 622418