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Thread: What Kitchen radio for a smarthome?

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    Default What Kitchen radio for a smarthome?

    My current "smart radio" (a pure evoke one) is acting funny and maybe on the way out.

    I have been quite disappointed by it as whilst the sound quality make it a good dab radio the latency for anything (even bringing it out of standby to listen to DAB) is awful and by the time you get a streamed broadcast playing, you've lost interest.

    So what I am looking for is a DAB "kitchen" radio that's not sluggish and perhaps some kind of IOT or general connectivity (we don't subscribe to any paid streaming services)

    What is everyone else using?
    Would the streaming/control experience of listening to "Radio 2" make the Amazon echo an option?
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    A vote for Sonos, in the form of Play:5. Sort of.
    The streaming of radio has been very good and I could find channels for all of the conventional radio I wanted to listen to. However, for us, the sound couldn't fill our 6.5m x 6.5m kitchen diner space, with part double height ceiling, without being overpowering, or a bit echo-ey. Especially on Radio 4.

    I think this is more the fault of our kitchen than Sonos though. A conventional DAB portable was also disappointing so we currently do without :-/

    As a plus with Sonos, when you don't want radio, you can listen to all your other tunes as well.


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