We have finally started to set up the automated irrigation on our hotel and connected it to Cortex and we thought we would write about it on the forum to see if anyone has any ideas on how to improve the setup.

The irrigation consist of one main 50mm solenoid which is connected to 4 irrigation zones, each with a 40mm solenoid. We also have two separate sections that are connected directly to the house water supply (i.e. not passing through the 50mm solenoid).
Apart from having automated irrigation, We would like everything not critical to stop when the well pump start to fill the main water tanks since we need all power we can for that. So for that we will stop the irrigation and the pool pumps.

So, we have set up three macros like this:
1. Irrigation sequence (start on schedule during night)
2. Pause all (start when well pump starts)
Here we close the main solenoid and put macro no 1 in pause mode. We also need to close the two separate irrigation sections. and finally we stop the pool pumps
3. Resume all (start when well pump stops)
This is the tricky part. For the solenoid that are on the same line as the 50mm solenoid there shouldnŽt be a problems since we do not need to change the state of these. Pausing the macro should be sufficient if we close the main solenoid, but for the other two solenoids and for the pool pumps we need to be able to put them in the same state they where before the well pump started.

What would be the best way to do this?
Kind Regard and thanks in advance
Ipsario Garden Hotel