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Thread: Lost Communication and Fault Log

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    Default Lost Communication and Fault Log

    Had an email alert this morning to say that 'the Total Connect Comfort service lost communication with the heating system installed in the location below' and another saying it had restored half an hour later. (The first email came through at 2.30am)

    What causes lost communication? We didn't have a power cut. We did have a power cut last week but that didn't trigger a lost communication email.

    This then prompted me to check the Fault Log. Lost communication does not show on the fault log but I have had another battery low failure, this time on the bathroom HR92. The failure (and restore) happened on Friday, this time it was just the bathroom and not the whole system (like last time). Interestingly the battery indicator this morning shows two bars which it has been for a good few months. My heating is switched off currently.

    It would be really good if we could get email alerts, or the very least, a message that needs manually cleared on the controller.

    PS can anyone recommend which good quality batteries to use.

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    I've seen this message when my broadband has been down for a few minutes. Usually ISP problems.

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