As some of you may know I am the developer for
www.automatedhome.co.uk, and I've looked after the site for a good few
years with Mark, and the rest of the guys that regularly contribute
code & articles.

I need to take a step back from the coal face as it were for a few
months, but obviously development of the site can't stop :-) So I'm
looking for someone to take on a kind of Junior Developer role, where
I will be your mentor, helping you develop both the site and your

You'll need to know PHP & SQL (we use mysql as our db server), any
HTML, CSS or AJAX would be a bonus, but not essential, you can pick
that up as you work.

I'm a Senior Developer at a leading UK eCommerce site with over 10
years commercial experience in various environments and I've got a
wealth of experience working for good "customers" like Mark & Li, to
some real stinkers which I'm more than happy to share.

Most of the jobs that need doing are small to medium sized and
shouldn't really take up too much of your time, but there is the odd
job that's a bit bigger.

I think the work will suit a student looking to gain some experience
outside of the sterile environment of the computer lab. An interest in
HA isn't essential by any means, but it'd probably help :-)

I should point out right from the start that there is no money
involved in this, it's not like Google's Summer of Code where people
are paid to be mentored, but hopefully your enthuisiam for helping out
the UK's HA community will more than make up for that, and it will be
something good to put on your CV.

If you'd like to apply, or know someone that you think may be
interested, send a quick CV type document, outlining any experience
you have and what kind of course you're doing, to me and we'll take it
from there ...