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    Default keeping track of power cuts ...

    we're prone to power cuts, and one on Sunday ran longer than our UPS could last ...

    meaning Cortex Histories cover only part of it ...

    IDRANet was kept going longer by our IPSs, but that doesn't help !

    so, wondered if anyone has a way of timing power-cuts - in olden times, a simple electric clock would have paused for the duration, meaning its display would have revealed how long ...

    nearest we have to that is a mechanical time-switch, but it's not easy to read it precisely ...

    this sort of thing :

    in any case, how would we arrange the reading as an input to Cortex ?

    corrections to Window's time come from the 'net, without which drift would be a problem ...

    we're not using Reflex, yet ...

    any ideas ... ???
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