I have a client whose laptop died. They thought no problem I am covered by Know How insurance and they cover you when you are overseas too.
So I was asked to diagnose and if possible fix the problem at the clients request and contact Know How to see about payment.
Four months later they are just ignoring anything I send them. Phone calls always result in the same two answers "Oh you need to phone this number, the one you have been given is wrong" Or "Thats the wrong email address you need this one" .
As soon as I first contacted them the next month they stopped taking payment for their insurance for this client.
So if you have a product that is insured by Know How then cancel it immediately, the amount you spend out could actually go towards a new laptop and in most cases be actually cheaper than the insurance itself.
Trust Pilot rates them 1.8 out of 10 and 750 people (83%) have given it 1 star, with many suggesting a no star rating.
There are loads of complaints on other sites too.