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Thread: Video recording not always working

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    Default Video recording not always working

    Hi all,

    I've got an IP camera which is configured to pre roll record (a magic feature).

    I've just noticed slightly odd behaviour with video capture. The camera doesn't record every time it is triggered, it seems to record about 80% of the time. To get a better handle on what's going on I've created a dummy script which is connected to the trigger and then just triggers the "take unique video" connection on the camera object. I can see from the macro's log that it has been triggered every time, but there's not always a corresponding video. So I'm guessing that it's either something in the video set up or there's a nuance in the connection which I don't know about.

    It was happening in v26 and I've just upgraded to v27 and it's still there.

    I hope that makes sense! Any clues on how to investigate further?



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    no experience with video, but have often found it worth cross-checking histories of other sensors / objects, to be sure about what was going on - we've sometimes been misled by an individual history ...

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