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Thread: To Protect or not to Protect

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    Default To Protect or not to Protect

    Hi All
    Looking into smart smoke alarm systems (I am UK Based)
    I read a lot of positives about the Nest Protects, and just as many negatives.
    So.... If you guys were to buy smoke alarms right now, would they be smart ones?
    If so, which brand?

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    I have 3 Nest Protects - Love them. Yes they are expensive, however with voice announcements / self checking / remote alerting they do alot more than standard units. I get info on how badly my 14yr old has burnt the toast sent to my iPhone

    Have them linked to my HA also - can hook into the Night Light feature as an extra Occupancy Sensor


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    I have the Nest thermostat and have been watching the price of the Nest Protect. I think it'll be something I can invest in eventually. With the IFTTT compatability of Nest products it's quite tempting. I'm playing with the idea of having a few Hue lights in the main sitting room. My logic being that I can use Nest's "Away" mode to determine whether the Hue lights should come on at sunset, etc.

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