I am getting my sitting room reskimmed so am taking the opportunity to get some wiring done. I am moving the TV to a different wall, getting speakers hung on the wall and getting all the associated wiring hidden (hopefully to get rid of the spaghetti behind the tv unit.)

Following on from a previous thread, I looked into the Euro Modules as without them I was going to end up with several socket boxes on each wall. I used http://www.satelliteandaerialsupplie...in-grid-module
as they appear to have a big choice of modules. They were the only company I could find that do a 3 F connector in one module which means that all my sat and tv aerial cables can come through one single socket sized faceplate. The electrician comes tomorrow.

Once this is all done and wired, my next project is to try and get my labgear 'loftbox' connected and working.