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    Default Radiator control project

    I want to implement my first home control project. Initially I just want to control two radiators in one room. I want to do this at minimum cost. I envisage that I need two radio controlled (wireless) radiator valves. These mostly seem to have LCD displays and buttons on them, and many of them seem to have a temperature sensor in them, which (in my view) defeats the object, since near the floor close to a radiator and hot water pipes must be about the least sensible place to put a thermostat. I don't think I need all this complexity. A completely anonymous box on the rad valve with an RF receiver and a motor to drive the valve, run by a couple of AA batteries, is all I think I need. This must surely be cheaper than adding displays, buttons, processors, software etc.?

    Then I will fit a temperature sensor in the room in a sensible location (probably a DFS18B20 since I am familiar with those, I have a OneWirfe interface on my computer already and digital seems a much better idea than analogue), and run some software on my PC (which is on all the time anyway) to control the temperature. In the future I may add more rooms/zones, boiler control, compensation for outdoor temperature, sunshine and wind speed/direction, etc., but this one room scheme is enough to start with.

    I have been looking at the EQ3 range of radiator value actuators, because they look cheaper tham many, and I'm confused about what features each type offers. Does anyone understand this? Which have an internal temperature sensor, and which connect to a remote sensor and controller? Or can anyone suggest an alternative better or cheaper actuator?

    Thanks - Rowan

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    I can't help you with respect to the gear you are referring to but I would not be too concerned about the thermostat being in the controller which is attached to the radiator. They nowadays allow for the proximity of the heat source. The Evohome one I understand gets its reading from the updraft at floor level. I certainly have no issues or problems with the sensors (Evohome) being where they are. If anything they show a slightly lower temperature than a thermostat on a table at waist height which I would expect.

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