The previous owners of our house installed X10 for all the lighting. Up in the loft there are a few consumer units with din rail dimmers. These are controlled by rocker light switches which raise and lower the dimming of appropriate lights as you hold in the switch. We also have a transceiver unit and remote... so can control the lights by remote.

We are now having the loft converted so we have a choice of either moving all the consumer units to a different place in the loft, or (possibly) decommissioning the X10 altogether.

To be honest, we really never use the light remote, so it is a feature that is wasted on us. The CU/switches installation in the loft is VERY messy (spaghetti mess of cables), so moving the units may well be far from straight forward.

How difficult would it be to just de-commission X10 if we wanted to ? Is there a way of removing the din rail switches and replacing the rocker switches with standard dimmers/switches ? Don't worry, I plan to get a qualified electrician to actually do all this.... I just need to know if its possible, of if my only option is re-sighting the consumer units.

Thanks !