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Thread: Deciphering simple USB devices

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    Default Deciphering simple USB devices

    when we plug a USB device into our PC / laptop, and we don't have a driver that works with it (in this case the device is legacy & the company has gone bust) is there still a way we can work with it ... ?

    we do have basic but incomplete info' on the bytes it transmits when it's working (*) ... so maybe all we need is a simple app that sends & receives at a basic level ...

    but is there such a thing - we've Googled etc, but found nothing (nothing simple, anyway) !

    the device is a simple RFID reader, and all we need is the IDs of tags that are presented to & removed from it ...

    which we can then pass via API to our HA application (Cortex) ...

    any ideas / pointers, please ??


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