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    Just wired in a LM12W and it works fine with X10 ie on/off/dim by remote control and the local (traditional) wall switch turns the lamp off but when the local switch is switched back on, the lamp does not light until it receives an X10 'on' command.

    Is this how the module is supposed to work?

    If so if I wire in an AM12W instead will I be able to turn the lamp both off and on using the local switch without having to send an X10 signal?

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    Default Re: LM12W / AM12W

    I think you are possibly getting a little confused over the wiring for the AM/LM12W modules - they wire in in-line and allow X10 control over a light fitting but do not allow you to use a preceeding (existing wall mounted) switch to control them, the switch will - in your case, as you have found - simply remove power fed to the module and then reapply power and the module will then revert to its default "OFF" state.

    "Local Control" is a function whereby the module can sense whether the *LOAD* that is connected to it has been manually toggled on if the module is off, not the supply.

    I assume you are trying to control something like a wall or ceiling light in this instance (with the module wired into the switched feed to the ceiling rose) in which case you would be better using something like an LD11/AD10 module, feeding that a *PERMANENT* live and neutral and using the existing switch wires to provide the control signalling from a momentary switch which you would use in place of your existing latching light switch.


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