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Thread: Basic lighting control of lamps with switch and iPhone - thoughts?

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    Default Basic lighting control of lamps with switch and iPhone - thoughts?

    Hi all,
    I'm setup with zwave, indigo on the Mac in my own home so have become the go to person for friends with questions!

    A mate has asked for the following:

    Control of three lamps in his lounge all on separate plugs, he would like to be able to turn them on all at the same time and does not need dimming.

    He would like iPhone control however I've advised that for wife approval factor a physical switch or remote is always quicker than reaching for a phone.

    No need for any wider uses at this stage although expand ability always a bonus

    So, thoughts? I looked at the belkin wemo stuff but couldn't see any remotes or switches, going down the zwave route seems a bit overkill as it would require a interface or controller to give the iPhone remote.

    Cheers all


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    LightwaveRF? They have plug in sockets as well as light switches. And they can be controlled by a remote control if you don't want to buy the Wifi Link. Think that you can turn them off all at once with one button of the remote - you can certainly have all three on one remote.

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