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Thread: Can't bind HR92s

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    Hi guys, no I'm not Liz but admittedly the house is a bit Buckingham. It's not me at at all. I only bought the place because it came as a bargain following the credit crunch.

    My desired zones are not big - they're just rooms but today I did accomplish my goal of having the Evohome control 4 zones on an upstairs circuit when I realised the schedule of one of the zones sat inside the on-off time of another zone which does have successful comms with the motorised valve i.e. the HR92 of the added zone is just controlling the rad temp and not the relay, motorised valve and boiler.

    I did think about underfloor zone valves but like I said, I'm not using big zones & I'm reluctant to make the plumbing even more complicated than it is. When I got new boilers in a few years ago the plumbers really struggled to get heat into one area of the house. The complexity of the system was one reason why the installers didn't see the potential problems we've been discussing.

    Liz Windsor - I liked that ��

    Regarding the time to pay back 35 HR92's: That would be longer than you think because a lot of the house has redundant rooms where the TRV's are usually off. So the annual saving per HR92 would be pence not pounds. Unless I do add underfloor zones valves, the underfloor footprint will always be large.

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    What I meant was use the underfloor controller with your existing zone valves. Assuming you can use some of those as big zones, without control over individual rooms.

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