I have been changing my installation after a long fallow period. However there were some issues with the logic so I decided to revert to a back-up database. Unfortunately although the back-up database loaded, on starting the lights didn't work, nor did the buttons on the DFP panels and the panel display only showed time, none of the other information, despite the set-up of buttons and display looking good. I then reverted to an offline copy of the main database file, which displayed exactly the same problems.
In the end using the main database copy I removed the assignment to button 8 (light-toggle) and added it again thinking repeating this on all panels would be the quickest way to get the lights on and family happy. Strangely this seemed the kickstart Cortex to turn the lights on in all the house as normal (on presence & light level).
Is there a special sequence for reverting to a backup?