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Thread: UK Alarm system with CBus

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    Default UK Alarm system with CBus

    Any UK based recommendations for alarm system that could integrate with CBus in domestic situation, say even sharing PIRs?

    Ballpark pricing or contacts would be of great benefit.


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    Default Re: UK Alarm system with CBus

    Comfort integrates well with CBus as does Minder Pro from Clipsal, not least because they're the same product! They are not the easiest alarms to set up, mainly because they do so much. Would suggest getting it professionally installed, happy to assist.

    Nick Gale

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    Default Re: UK Alarm system with CBus

    I would agree and am looking to have comfort professionally installed in a month or two. I already have a ton of CBUS kit in the house and will be using the CBUS UCM from comfort to let them talk to each other. Nick, another guy on the email list is already using them together to allow him to open/shut curtains via a CBUS switch etc although if he's about I'm sure he can tell you more.

    Cost wise, a fairly decent installation wil be around the 4000. Thats roughly 2000 on kit and 2000 on labour.

    I really would recommend getting a professional involved - I don't think I would call it a DIY alarm system - you could but you would have to be fairly talented/lucky to get it just right.



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