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Thread: Fibaro Dimmer v2

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    Default Fibaro Dimmer v2

    Anyone tried one?

    I am currently wiring my house and we're on the lighting circuits now. As I have a "brown field" site, I can do what I like.

    I was looking for a few lights under Z Wave control as an anti burglar measure.

    I was also looking for a dimmer module that could a) Accept remote input from secondary switches; b) be trailing edge for LEDs.

    The Fibaro Dimmer 2 fits the bill on paper and gives me my remote zwave control as well as what seems to be a competent dimmer module.

    I can hard wire the main and secondary switches so it will work as expected even if Z Wave is down (good).

    So my questions:

    1) Are Fibaro dimmers reliable? I do not want some dodgy bit of junk that goes up in flames in my loft space (these will be mounted in adaptable boxes next to the junction box for the room it is handling).

    2) Has anyone tried momentary pull cords as switches with these types of devices? The main push button will be a GET grid module button with gold flashed contacts. But a ceiling pull (actually an MK "disabled alarm" momentary pull) will be used as a secondary switch. It may suffer from more switch bounce than the GET button.



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    We're currently planning a new build which should happen next year. A couple of things that I will definitely do is to make sure that there is a neutral wire at every switch point and also install (47mm or deeper) back boxes everywhere to give plenty of room for modules.

    With regard to Fibaro devices:
    I have about 30 Fibaro mains voltage devices including dimmers, relays etc. Some of these have been installed for almost 5 years and I've not had a single failure.

    I do have 4 of the newer Dimmer2 devices which have been in use for about 2 months now. LED support is better with the V2 but be aware that they need a minimum load of 25 watts unless you install a bypass device. Make sure you select the V2 bypass if required and not the older V1. In our kitchen we have 4 of these lights and they work perfectly with the Dimmer2.

    Not sure what you will be using as a controller. Here I have Homeseer and support for the Dimmer2 is not as straight forward as it could be but they do work.

    I'm pretty sure you won't have a problem with the MK pull switch. I've used all sorts of switches in the past without de bounce issues although now everything here is MK grid.


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