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Thread: Evohome range issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by lineweight View Post
    Yes. I think I might drop them an email and see what they say.
    To follow up on this - I did email them.

    Their response was that their gateway complies with the relevant regulations applying to wireless devices, and the Evohome one doesn't. Hence the conflict. That was their position and they seemed adamant about this. The explanation was quite technical and to do with exploiting something that the regs do allow even if other manufacturers might not take notice of. It seemed I wasn't the first person to come to them with this question.

    As far as they were concerned the problem is caused by Evohome and as they are a small company they can't re-design all their hardware (much of which is buried in walls etc) and software to work around this.

    My solution in the end was to unscrew the aerial from the gateway, and plug in an extension cable that means I can locate the aerial on the outside of the house. There it can communicate with the sensors but its signal doesn't get far enough inside the house to get tangled with the evohome signals. After I did that, i mostly stopped having problems.

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    Just as a follow up to this thread, I never was able to resolve the issues with range on my system. Still got one controller sat on top of a vase in a corridor because that just happens to be the sweet spot where it can communicate with the boiler relays and the bedroom radiators that are furthest away.

    Carving a large bedroom into two rooms has recently led to the system dropping signal to two rooms. As these rooms are closest to the boiler relays, then the solution for me will be to add a third controller to the system. I will then have one controller that does the whole downstairs and hot water (just) and because of there being more walls upstairs, I will have two controllers for the upstairs.

    The mind boggles as to why honeywell havent developed a simple range extender for use within larger properties (the ones most likely to see the largest efficency savings and therefor able justify the cost of any such extender).

    I will hopefully soon be looking to connect Evohome to Amazons Alexa/Echo, hopefully having three controllers on the system will not throw a spanner in the works of these plans.

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