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Thread: KVM Help and advice

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    Default KVM Help and advice

    Hi there,

    I currently have 2 PCs on a LAN connected by a modem router.

    I'm about to pick up 2 old PCs that I want to play around with clustering with.

    I'm also going to boot up another old PC that I'm going to have as my Skype PC.

    I only have 2 sets of monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.

    1 of the computers needs to stay as is, with no interference (my boyfriend's not overly technical and I'd just make him worry if I added a kvm to his computer for the Skype computer).


    The two clustering computers aren't going to be in the internet. They're going to be on a seperate LAN using a hub.

    The Skype computer will, of course, need to be online.

    I've not done much with KVM before, but I can't use remote access for these as 2 of the 4 computers are on a completely different LAN and not connected to the others.

    So.... I'm after a fairly cheap (I'm a bit broke!) KVM soution that will allow me to use one monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

    And now for the other interesting bit.
    The Skype computer is going to be in a different room from the other three.
    The two clustering computers might even end up in a cupboard to get them out of the way.
    I'm not sure yet.
    Until I can afford new machines, and go for mini-itx, room is an issue.


    Can anyone think of a KVM solution that will allow me to have the boxes in different rooms?

    To be honest, I could remote access the Skype machine as it will be on the normal LAN.

    But still, I'm curious as to whether there are good solutions for that.

    So, either a good 3/4 way KVM that's cheap and good, or a 4/way that will allow me to access machines in different rooms.


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    Default Re: KVM Help and advice

    Hi Djonma,

    OK, a 3/4-way that is cheap, try: for 37.50+vat. This unit includes 1.8m cables.
    Specs are here:
    Is it any good ? I've no idea ;-)

    For 5m extension cables, try: for 11+vat.
    For a 10m cable, see
    How far away is the Skype computer going to be?

    If the Skype PC is going to be a long way away, you could run KVM over Cat5, but that's not going to be cheap. Just a quick Google for "kvm cat5" turned up this: The first price I found was $356 from

    Another well-respected resource is Black Box. I'll leave you to wade through their products at

    Thinking a bit laterally - can you add a second ethernet card to your Skype computer and then you a remote control solution to access it ? (remote desktop, pcAnywhere, VNC etc.?). I've not tried it but it might be worth investigating as 100Meg network cards start from around 5.



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