We have bought a Nuaire Drimaster Heat which will be installed shortly and I wondered if anyone had any experience with a PIV and Evohome. Apart from the positioning of the unit itself and its operation, how significant positively or negatively of it being sited near to the radiator. Should I be blanking out the side that directs air towards the rad or should it be the opposite and have the channelled towards it. Will it have any adverse effect on the HR92 (ie never reaching the target temp.)

My second question is because of the above we will have to move the hard wired smoke alarm and I thought I would take the opportunity to get a smart smoke/CO2 alarm. Before I mention to my hubby that I want a smart one I thought that I had better clue myself up to respond to his tuts and rolling of the eyes.

1. Are they a gimmick?
2. How reliable are they? Do they give false alarms?
3. Do they work the same as a normal hardwired one and then have the additional benefits of the smart function or do they work on a totally different system of operation and therefore be useless if there is no/flakey internet connection.
4. I have seen the Nest. Is that the only one on the market? Do Honeywell do one?