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I am unsure how you can combine the hot water CS92 and a DTS92 to control electric UFH? The DTS92 would demand the boiler relay/HTG valve actuator as would the CS92, so the boiler would cycle.
Does the DHW side of an S-Plan setup actually NEED a CS92, or does it just need a temperature sensor? I was assuming (dangerous!) the latter, and that you'd be able to bind a DT92 as the 'sensor'. Even if you can't, and it needs a CS92, I'm sure the business end will sense ambient air temp if it isn't strapped to a tank. I don't see why the boiler would cycle as it wouldn't be connected to the DHW BDR91 - that would ONLY be connected to the E-UFH.

Perhaps I'm not explaining this very well... Perhaps I need to draw a diagram.

As for using Evohome with a PC, I kinda cover that in the current issue. Well, to a degree....