Please bear with me. I am a complete newbie to all this stuff. I need help from the lighting and automation experts.

I have just installed low voltage lighting 5x20 watts, (halogen recessed), it came with its own 12v transformer. Now I need to connect to the lighting circuit. Does it matter if I connect the transformer to the lighting circuit or the ring main. I have a table lamps connected to the ring main. So I canít see any reason why I canít connect to the ring main. Or else I have to mess about in the loft.

Plus I have installed LEDís, again it came with its own transformer and a 3 pin plug, so it was simple, I plugged into the socket and on came the lights.

Finally, I would like to turn the lights (LEDís and halogen) on-off with a remote control from within the room. So its important I sort out the wiring and install the necessary switches. All is automation is great but confusing for the likes of me.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.