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Thread: Which System ?

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    Default Which System ?

    New member just in the process of rewiring a 30 year old house and I want to fit a automatic light system and multi zone/room sound system.

    I have looked at several but dont have any independant advice.

    At the moment it is looking like the Nicobus system for the lighting and the Spanish EIS system for the sound( however this is an analogue sound system) and sould I try and go digital ?

    I'd be glad of any help

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    Default Re: Which System ?


    There are lots of different ways you could go with this.

    Lighting - The system you mention is capable of a lot more than just lighting control. If this is all you are looking for then other options will be cheaper and possibly better for you. Have a look a and for some excellent solutions.

    Direct alternatives to Nikobus is CBus and then there is its sister product IHC ( ) all of which are very powerfull interms of whole house control including control over the web and by sms.

    Audio - More value driven products will aways be analogue and use the source level output from your CD & Radios etc. From memory the EIS product is good in that it offers radio tuners in each wall plate, but it does need rather a large number of cables ie not your normal CAT5e. Others in the same vein all be it using CAT5e.

    Some systems even offer audio and video over the same cat5e.

    I know less about digital distribution the sonus is a great product but it is wireless and therefore open to interference and poor signal links through walls etc. Another one I know of Netstreams, this will play digital radio and you own stored media but I am afraid that is the extent of my knowledge about it.

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