Hi all.
I'm new here, and have had a good search for an answer to this question, but I've not managed to find anything...

I've been using the Evohome system since 2012, first with the monochrome version, and now with an early colour-screen version with the remote gateway (I'm not sure how to refer to it).

My issue has existed since I started to used the current version... In a nutshell, I've not found a way to use the economy mode at the same time as one of the other special modes. Eg, if using 'day off', and wanting to put the system into economy mode for a couple of hours, it doesn't appear to be possible.

Am I missing some thing here? I'm sure I could do it with the monochrome version. I did ask Honeywell's helpline, but they didn't seem to understand the problem.

Can anyone help?