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Thread: Security Camera to PC via USB

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    Default Security Camera to PC via USB

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm in the process of researching and collecting data on home automation.

    I'm mainly interested in a security camera outside. I've seen some good ones, but not one that does what I need. Mainly:

    1. Security Camera switched on by a motion detector
    2. Output sent to a PC via a USB interface
    3. PC saves video

    What type of camera system can do this? I've seen an X10 Video that does everything, except it sends data to a TV, not a PC.

    Also - I've seen the X10.XRay Vision USB Kit which converts Video to USB, and its wireless. But i wanted this to be wired:

    Lastly - what would be a good starter system? I think X10 does everything I need, except everyone is saying that it will be obsolete in a matter of years.

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    Default Re: Security Camera to PC via USB

    Have you found a weatherproof USB webcam? You might be better off looking at "proper" cameras; either traditional composite video cameras or an IP camera. Henry's is a good source of hardware and advice (

    Software wise:
    Zoneminder can do what you want: for Linux.

    A couple of other suggestions, Windows-based:

    For a complete solution including capture card & software look at Geovision,

    I haven't used any of them, so please post back with how you get on :-)



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    Default Re: Security Camera to PC via USB

    Have you looked into HomeHub.

    This is exactly the kind of application HomeHub has been designed for. Currently it allows you to hook up most types of Webcam and will allow you to record images from it on motion as video or still images. You can also access the live feed from the camera from anywhere over the internet using the secure remote access facility.

    HomeHub also supports X10 which as you correctly say will allow you to do just about about anything and is pretty cheap. Yes, it will eventually become obsolete when it is replaced by other "better?" technologies such as Z-wave and Zigbee. However, at the moment these devices are not readily available in the UK and pretty poorly supported.

    HomeHub has been designed from the outset to support many different technologies and protocols and as soon as devices emerge for these in the UK we will add support for them.



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