Hi Everyone,

I'm in the process of researching and collecting data on home automation.

I'm mainly interested in a security camera outside. I've seen some good ones, but not one that does what I need. Mainly:

1. Security Camera switched on by a motion detector
2. Output sent to a PC via a USB interface
3. PC saves video

What type of camera system can do this? I've seen an X10 Video that does everything, except it sends data to a TV, not a PC.

Also - I've seen the X10.XRay Vision USB Kit which converts Video to USB, and its wireless. But i wanted this to be wired: http://www.letsautomate.com/10865.cfm?

Lastly - what would be a good starter system? I think X10 does everything I need, except everyone is saying that it will be obsolete in a matter of years.