Hi guys - I'm new here and just joined this week as I have had Evohome installed (single zone for now, just running with the control unit as the only thermostat for now plus the internet gateway).

It's wired into a 15+ year old oil boiler which also heats the hot water and keeps it in a tank in the boiler housing (you can tell I know Fred All about Central Heating...).

The previous way of controlling the boiler was a timer plug - there was no room thermostat - just a pair of dials on the boiler for Hot Water temp and CH temp. When it was off, everything was off.

Now I have the Evohome system, it cuts the burner, but leaves the circulation pump running the whole time. Does this matter? I've read about overrun etc, but I am not sure my boiler's circuitry is sophisticated enough to control the pump separately?

The boiler is a Brotje Logobloc with a Eurocontrol SR panel, if that means anything at all.

Later this month I am having the Hot Water unit installed (the plumber was sent the wrong bit first time).

And my cheeky ask, is that I'd love a web interface like everyone else and I've read the great long thread on here about it but wondered if anyone knew of a public web based service to access the API? (I'm not a programmer to use the python etc scripts etc unfortunately). My main need is to capture how often the boiler is firing for how long and compare the room temp to the set-temp etc, so something that automatically populates Graphite or even Google Sheets would be enough for me....

Thanks loads