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Thread: 2015 Climate Change Conference

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    Default 2015 Climate Change Conference

    On this weekend that will be remembered for international agreement on limiting CO2 emissions, I'm wondering when the UK government agencies responsible for encouraging efficient use of energy resources will get their heads around anything more basic than "insulate more.. insulate more!... insulate more!!!"

    I'm not involved with the heating and ventilation industry - I'm just an enthusiastic amateur, but in 2012 I replaced all lighting with LEDs and enjoyed a 16.8% reduction in my electrical energy use. In 2013 I replaced my boiler and installed Evohome and saw a 41% reduction in my gas consumption.

    There needs to be an industry driven awareness campaign to educate the already well insulated public that the perceived high outlay for a 21st century heating control system has a very short repayment time and relegate the age of having a single thermostat + wax-driven TRVs to the history books. Rant over!

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    Thanks for the great feedback. The tech is already here, just needs people's behaviour to change.

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