I am having problems with the heatmiser neo thermostat and android application. Maybe because the manuals are not comprehensive, or I can't locate the right ones, or because I'm just not "getting it"

I have 8 neostats and the smart setup with the router so I can control it with my android phone

In particular I'm not sure about
- once the comfort levels are set how do you run them? Do they automatically run (mine don't seem to)? Is there a mode to activate them? What symbol lets me know they are running?
- On the android app it has a standby mode. I'm not sure what this is for. Is it for turning on/off the comfort level program?
- If I want to turn the heating on outside of the programmed times what do I do? Is this what the "hold" function is for? Is that the only way?

Is there a manual for the application or proper tutorial video?