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Thread: X10 aware electrician required

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    Default X10 aware electrician required

    I want to get my meter moved from inside the property to outside. I know that the actual relocation has to be done by a specific company, but they require an onsite contractor on the day and an up to date certificate.

    All my lighting is DIN rail x10 with momentary switches and I installed it all myself (before the new regs came in) so I am looking for someone in the Milton Keynes area who is familiar with x10 and who can hopefully give my installation the all clear and provide me with a certificate. The same person would also need to be onsite when the meter is moved to connect the wires back up to the consumer unit.

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    SolarFish - I've asked Durnik to reply here with some of the X10 electricians that have attended his training course.



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    Default Re: X10 aware electrician required

    I don't actually have such a list. I've asked the sales manager to scan through the list of past attendess and try to find someone in your area.



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    Try contacting the following Installer, who has been on our training course:

    Stuart Pooley
    Tel 05511 401089

    If you need any further assistance, please call me directly on 0845 644 3330.


    Simon Roberts.
    Simply Automate.

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