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Thread: Vera Edge For Heating Control

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    I posted a few weeks ago re upgrading my existing Heating 3 Zones to try to achieve remote internet control

    I posted several questions re Honeywell and got very confusing answers regarding SZT Stats and gateways 2 Honeywell reps told me the Gateway could only support 1 SZT but this is wrong each Gateway can Support 2 SZT Stats but I had to find this out myself

    Because of the poor technical support I had no confidence in Honeywell so I went with a Vera Edge Zwave Controller and 3 Hortsmann Z wave stats to control my 3 Zones I also use Imperihome android app which gives me full control of heating Zones remotely

    I have to say so far it has worked flawlessly and also opens up the world of Zwave to me where I could if I wanted add extra Zwave Devices in the future

    Vere Edge is 99 Hortsmann Stats 60

    Imperihome app

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