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Thread: Max! EQ-3 wireless thermostatic radiator valves

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    Default Max! EQ-3 wireless thermostatic radiator valves

    Hi All

    I'm a newbie to this site & can find no reference to above.

    Anybody got any experience of them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otto-Mate View Post
    No personal experience but some info here...

    Thanks for the above but what I'm really looking for is a way to control the gas boiler firing with demand from the radstats locally not remotely via smartphone or web.
    At the moment I have 7 EQ-3 wireless radstats & a Max! cube which allows me to control individual radstats using the Max! software but no control of the boiler.

    I did find this link
    which seems to do what I want using an Arduino Yun but the coding is beyond me at present (I'm a retired mechanical engineer!)

    I'm also not having much luck with the Yun at present; it appears that there are 2 versions of the Yun, one sold by (the original site) & the other version sold by (a breakaway site of the original) & I bricked the 2nd version by updating the flash ROM with the 1st Yun version without knowing that there were 2 versions! (they look almost identical).

    I've tried emailing the author of thermeq3 but his responses have been large unintelligible due to my poor coding knowledge.
    Somebody of like mind to myself with knowledge of the Max! or other control software would be useful

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