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Thread: Cortex and Windows 10?

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    Default Cortex and Windows 10?

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone else has installed Cortex on a W10 machine yet? I was about to download it and install it on a test system to check a few things but noticed the downloads page had this note ...

    "Note: Cortex should not be installed on Windows 10 at the present time"


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    Nope not got around to it yet. I do now have a spare moBo so might give it a go


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    It will install ok as per Windows 8.1 and it will run, however some malinteractions with other applications have been noticed. For example there appears to be a definite problem with Skype and possibly with some uses of Firefox or Edge browsers at the same time. Though you might not use either, the fact that such issues have been noticed and we haven't yet resolved the causes means there could be others and so we don't recommend use on W10. A new version of Cortex is being worked on so we may not spend so much time trying to resolve the problems with W10 and the present version, but its a big task so it'll be a while yet. Hence in the meantime we suggest you stick with W7 or 8.1

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