This is a bit of a cry for help, but I've managed to become quite confused and I'm afraid I'm not exactly an expert with plumbing, so bear with me.

I have a Y plan oil system with a hot water tank. 2 relays which connect to a three way valve controlling flow to either hot water, heat or both. So far I get this. My plumber installed everything - the Evohome controller, the relays and it worked great. I wanted to start adding zones so I purchased the Evohome radiator TRVs and this is where I managed to start going wrong. I managed to drop the controller when adding the first zone and somehow the whole this has been reset. I probably pressed something but hey ho. Working in IT I thought I could handle the 'IT' bit but clearly not.

First of all - how do I go about starting from scratch. I understand how to reset to factory the controller and deal with the unwinding etc but when getting the fresh controller do I add the heating zone first or the hot water? The hot water seems to give me a nice question regarding the 3 way valve but otherwise I'm lost. I've read I don't want a boiler controller but the controller is forever asking for a boiler relay or an actuator (which I assume means the wireless relay).

Fundamentally I want to have an evohome TRVs on each radiator to control the temperature room by room and have hot water on without heating (and vice versa).

If I go through guided configure and tap zone control, and tick for remove prev zones do I want heat demand or not. I assume yes but that talks about the boiler relay to bind. Is this the wireless relay connected to the 3-way valve. I do that, then tell it it's radiator valve and 1 zone to start. It's the living room default and not to use the Evohome built in temp sensor. I want to use the sensor in the TRV. I bind the TRV (the controller says sensor) and it asks me if I want to add another radiator, I say yes and it asks me to bind the actuator I assume this means TRV and bind that.

I now have 1 zone with two radiators. To test the control of heat I turn off the heating using the quick setting and it stays on. All day and night. I've tried this a few times and I just don't understand what I've done wrong. Obviously I don't want the boiler on constantly.

Any help would be great. I must stress when I didn't have any TRVs the plumber left the system working a treat. Hot water came on when it should and heating did too.

I seem to have more success in the guided confit if I say no heat demand and set the zone to zone valves and bind the relay with the evotouch own sensor. It seems to turn off and on appropriately then in tests. Am I stuck with the lounge not having TRV control and having to be on if I want other zones on?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.