I have recently invested in a Raspberry Pi and one of the recommendations is that you set a static IP address which I have done.

Yesterday I added in a new switch to my network (thank to Ottomate for the tipoff of the Gigabit switch) and when everything switched back on I had problems with my Sonos system. After troubleshooting (googling ) one of the suggestions was that there might have been a conflict with IP addresses.

I think the real reason was that my wired Sonos bridge did not connect first so I ended up with 2 Sonos Networks. Easily resolved by unplugging all my Sonos components, restarting the router then switching Sonos things on 1 at a time starting with the wired bridge.

This got me thinking. I currently have at least 25 gadgets listed on my router.

What are the pros and cons to setting static IP addresses?
Would it be beneficial to set all/any of my automated home hubs as static and if so is there a protocol to follow, ie set high numbers for static addresses?
What things should and shouldn't be set static addresses?