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Thread: Zwave dimmer switches and 2/3 wire systems?

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    Default Zwave dimmer switches and 2/3 wire systems?

    Just starting out with home automation and have the razberry running with domoticz.

    In the lounge and dining room I have 2 dual way switches. For my first home automation project I would like to replace the dual switch in the lounge with a dimmer switch. I've read a few forums and am a bit confused on the type of dimmer switch required. Some mention master and slave devices are required.

    Since the lounge and dining room switches are fairly close I would be be happy with replacing the lounge dual switch with a dual dimmer switch, leaving the dining room switch as a on/off switch, or must both be replaced with dual dimmers?

    Was looking at something like the TKB_TZ65-D - would I need 2 of these?

    The product also mentions it requires a 3 wired system, which brings me onto the next question.

    I opened the switch up and there are 3 red wires, a blue and a yellow going to it - how can I check if its a 2 or 3 wire system?


    If it is a 2 wire system then what other options do I have?
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