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Thread: Smartthings versus Vera

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    Default Smartthings versus Vera

    Hello! We've had a Micasaverde Vera (2nd generation) running our heating for a number of years now, via a handful of Horstmann HRT4-ZWs, and it's worked ok. However, Vera has been randomly dying on an increasingly frequent basis since Christmas, so it looks as though it is on its way out. Waking up early to switch the heating on manually for SWMBO is getting a bit old.

    I notice that the SmartThings system is new, supports ZWave, and presumably has decent backing from Samsung. Does anyone have any experience of swapping from Vera to SmartThings, or using both? How well will SmartThings support my Horstmanns and additional Z-Wave sockets?

    How does programming SmartThings compare with Vera's LUUP? FWIW, I think Vera's LUUP implementation is nasty with pretty much zero assistance for editing or debugging code in any meaningful way.

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    I think you'll get more response asking this question at the SmartThings forum.

    I can't compare as I've only ever used ST, and even then I'm only a new user.

    Don't expect things to be simple though. At the moment everything is geared towards the US market - the UK market and support is still in its infancy.

    Support for additional devices is growing. I'm just beta testing SmartThings/Evohome integration.

    Anyway - head over to the ST forums - you'll get the info you need there.

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    Just to add a smidge of balance... There is also a community of enthusiasts working on an Evohome plug-in for Vera...It's worth a look,30125.0.html

    Vera is a ZWave controller but can control so much more. I've got lighting, blinds, alarm, heating and electric sockets all under its control. Each of the solutions is from a different manufacturer which is a indication of the integration possible. At the end of the day though you have to dip your toe in and try it, both ST and Vera have plus points and negative as do all the other solutions out there.

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