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Thread: Lost System Communication?

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    I have had 5 reported loss of communication with the Total Connect server this afternoon. Time outs last from 2 to 32 minutes. The frequency of these disconnects has increased significantly since the last server maintenance period. Is anybody else having issues?
    Hi Hengus - can you DM me please?
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    Sorry - I am having a senior moment. DM or PM?

    I have sent you the outage times. 9 outages in the last 24 hours. No problems with the Evohome system just the App.
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    Had an outage in the afternoon:

    "We would like to notify you that the Total Connect Comfort service lost communication with the evohome Controller installed in the following location at 02/08/2016 17:06:03UTC."

    I got notified the restore immediately after. No power outage. I thought of a temporary disconnection of my ADSL line but there's no evidence in my modem-router's log. And the restore e-mail looks too close in time (less than a minute) to the outage notification e-mail. No trace of that on the controller itself.

    Checking for that, I found a funny message dated 30-01 20.50 (that should be 19.50 UTC) about a low actuator battery in one of my zones (my bedroom that has two HR92s and a DT92, none of which are reporting low battery). It's funny because I got the recovery message less than two hours later(30-01 21.48) even funnier because I didn't see it last week, I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure I checked it during the weekend...

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    I had an outage email and now my iPhone Honeywell app has lost all its info.

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