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    Default OEM Touch

    Has anyone come across this before ?

    In over a year of reading about the Evohome system I have not come across this, but it appears to be the same hardware as the first generation Evotouch colour controller, but running different software with a different and more interesting looking UI.

    Some interesting points:

    * Windows CE based platform
    * Optional plug-in module for communication protocol expandability
    * Mini-USB connection for firmware update

    Under connectivity:

    PC Sync Center data transfer
    • Firmware update
    • Installation settings
    • 1 SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) enabling fast access
    to peripheral communication
    • 1 standard UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter)
    Open for future protocol communication expansion
    (io-homecontrol, Z-Wave, ZigBee, etc.)

    The user interface looks quite interesting and a bit more modern than the very plain looking interface on the Evotouch which does look a lot like something you'd expect to see on Windows CE. (Assuming the Evotouch also runs Windows CE)

    It seems like OEM touch is the underlying hardware and reference software designed for OEM integration/customisation, and that Evotouch is one specific implementation of that platform made by Honeywell as a retail product.
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    Looks a lot nicer. Better colours and nicer display. Same thought needs to go into the app! Looking at the brochure it seems to be compatible with similar relays.

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    Looks like it's the hardware platform on which Evohome was built. At least we now know what the flap on the back of the box is for.

    I'd put money on that GUI being faked. This is about hardware, not software.


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